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  • Strings, Trains and Local Football with Audio Artist Nadya Gorokhova

    Nadya Gorokhova’s art practice involves sound and video works which act as explorations into acoustic environments. Based in Saint Petersburg, Nadya uses the everyday sounds to create immersive audio environments which are then overlaid with her own inputs from electronic and traditional instruments. This overlaying is Nadya’s response to the audio inputs that she hears and the result is a distinctive soundtrack to everyday life.

  • Arctic Hysteria in Teriberka and Mortensnes

    Norwegian artists Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen visited Pikene på Broen as part of ongoing research into the project Arctic Hysteria for the curator collective and independent gallery space, Locus. Their BAR International residency with Pikene på Broen took the artists from the windswept fishing village of Teriberka on the Russian Barents Sea coast to the mystical Tranestein stone in Mortensnes on the shores of the Varanger Fjord.

  • Sever7 at BAR International

    The Saint-Petersburg based artists’ collective Sever7 is named after a Soviet expedition to the North Pole drift ice and the group is lead by both a collective intelligence and the individual practice of each of the artists.

  • 2016 BAR International Programme Kicks Off!

    The 2016 BAR International programme gets under way in the spring with international artists visiting as part of ongoing research for projects.  For the first residency of the year we have invited Sever 7 (North 7) from St. Petersburg. The Saint-Petersburg based artists´collective Sever-7 is named after a Soviet expedition to the North Pole drift…

  • Piya Wanthiang’s Latest Visit and Office Talk

    Piya Wanthinag joins Pikene på Broen for her third trip to the north as she continues the development of her project ‘All Digressions Aside’ for the Barents Spektakel 2016.

  • Reconstructing Deconstruction with Fredrik Ödman

    Swedish photographer, Fredrik Ödman arrives in the north to explore the active industrial town of Kirkenes and the abandoned mining town of Prirechny, deep in the forests of the Pechengsky District of north west Russia.

  • Time, Distance and the Space Between (Kirkenes – Nikel – Zapolyarny)

    Four video artists from Norway and Russia join Pikene på Broen for BAR International.

  • The Five IRWIN Artists on a Barents Tour by Land and Sea

    The IRWIN artist collective visited Pikene på Broen as part of our BAR International Artist in Residence programme.

  • Rethinking the Barents Sea with BAR International

    Rethinking the Barents Sea exposes a medium that connects the Norwegian and Russian territories of the Barents Region without pointing out any visual borders. Under the auspice of Sergey Terentiev, a group of 10 artists and musicians from Northern Norway and Karelia spend one week at the only accessible village on the Russian Barents Sea coastline…

  • Street Art Residency – Scouting the Borderlands

    We are pleased to have six street artists from Russia and Norway visiting as part of the Bar International, Artist in Residency Program.

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