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Power of Diversity

Pikene på Broen is pleased to be the host for the opening performance of the Crossing Lines project during the 2016 Barents Spektakel. The performance, the Power of Diversity, is part of a large scale pan-european dance and theatre project co-funded by the Creative Culture Programme of the European Union and the Barents Secretariat.

Working with young people from Kirkenes and Murmansk, Power of Diversity incorporates dance and street theatre into a site specific performance at the Kirkenes School during the Barents Spektakel 2016. Performers have been guided by the teams of Rapucation, Berlin and Pan.Optikum, Freiburg.

Driven to create a dialogue between themselves and the audience, the young actors and dancers present a collage which explores different cultural backgrounds along with questions of self-determination, freedom and future.

The site specific performance connects the school location with shared experiences that young people have with school life – themes such as power, hierarchy, memory, education and secrets are manifested and interpreted through literary fragments, songs, choreographic material and autobiographic elements.

Crossing Lines Project

The Crossing Lines project travels between the 9 partner organisations during 2016 and 2017. At each location on the journey there are local workshops with a local production as the outcome. From each of these local projects 3 performers will be selected to take part in the final Crossing Lines street theatre performance premiering in Freiburg, Germany in June 2017 and touring Europe during 2017 and 2018. The final Crossing Lines street theatre performance will be shown during the Barents Spektakel in February 2018.

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