Pikene på Broen is a collective of curators and producers based in the north-eastern Norwegian town of Kirkenes. Located 15km from the Russian border and 50km from the Finnish border the town of Kirkenes is ideally placed for cross-border cooperation and cultural exchange in the Arctic. Pikene på Broen was established in 1996 and has spent the past 20 years realising large and small scale cultural projects – they call these ‘border-crossing exercises’  which provide new perspectives on the north while initiating discussions on themes relevant to the Barents Region.

In 2009 Pikene på Broen was awarded the 2009 Eckbos Legaters Culture Prize. The jury´s conclusion reads:

«Pikene på Broen have contributed significantly to making Kirkenes one of the most important towns in Norway and through their art projects, they have challenged understanding of geopolitics, centre and periphery».

Main activities:

The Barents Spektakel is Norway’s most border-crossing festival! The festival is a cultural-political cocktail with contemporary art and music, theatre and performance, literature and architecture and seminars and debates as its ingredients – all spiced with current issues related to the Barents Region and the High North in general. The festival first started in 2004 and in February 2017 transformed Kirkenes into a Barents Metropolis for the 13th time.

Hosted by Pikene på Broen, the BAR International artist-in-residency program is open for artists of all genres along with musicians, architects, researchers and curators who are interested in exploring the Barents borderland in transition – an area which is a gateway to Russia, a crossroad for political decisions in the Arctic and a laboratory for creative solutions to economic, cultural and social challenges in the border region.

Transborder Cafe is a concept involving open discussions related to current political and cultural issues with contributions by artists, musicians, writers, politicians and researchers. Pushing the boundaries on topics relevant to the north, the format invites audiences as active participants and the events are often flavored with theme-related food and drinks. The evening is concluded with musical performances.

Download Pikene på Broen’s CV, read our annual reports or learn more about Kirkenes.

Pikene på Broen today:
Inger Blix Kvammen – advisor
Franziska Kraiczy – administrative director
Kjetil Nicolaisen – technical manager
Neal Cahoon – curator
Ingrid Valan – curator
Astrid Fadnes – communications
Evgeny Goman – producer

Michael Miller – communications (on sabbatical)
Evgenia Bektasova – project manager (on sabbatical)

Pikene på Broen was established in 1996 by:
Bente Synnøve Andersen
Svea Andersen
Anne Mette Bjørgan
Inger Blix Kvammen
Solvor Vefsnmo

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