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  • Generøse støttespillere for vårt nye visningsrom

    Ved inngangen til det nye året kan vi gledelig registrere at vi har kommet halvveis med oppussing av vårt nye visningsrom i Gågata midt i Kirkenes sentrum. Den siste veggen rives nå, og da kan gulvet avrettes. Det er Kirkenes Byggservice som står bak renoveringen av lokalet.

  • Work Continues on Pikene på Broen’s New Showroom in Kirkenes’ Pedestrian Street

    Anders Eik Pilskog and Jan Gunnar Skjeldsøy from architecture firm Stiv Kuling have been working with Pikene på Broen to create a space that reflects local society – industry meeting community and nature. Materials such as steel and concrete are balanced with timber and wool with large street facing windows and interior glass providing natural light to the space. The architects have worked with Pikene på Broen in the past, producing a project for the 2013 Barents Spektakel.

  • Barents Spektakel 2017 – The Industrial Boomerang

    A new wave of industrialisation is on the way throughout the borderlands with maritime and land-based industrial infrastructure coming more into focus on both sides of the Russian-Norwegian border. Municipal and federal governments are scrambling to build capacity, discover resources and reinvent their nations Arctic industries on land and at sea.

  • Alexis Destoop Continues his Long-term Research into the North

    Belgian photographer and video artist Alexis Destoop returned to the north to continue his research.  For this trip, Alexis focused on looking deeper into the borderlands and the complex story of the borders between Russia, Norway and Finland. During his two-week journey, Alexis travelled between Nikel, Zapolyarny and Murmansk in Russia before visiting snow-covered Grense…
  • Transborder Cafe – Chto Delat, Morten Strøksnes and Gromyka at Finnmark International Literature Festival

    Pikene på Broen, in cooperation with the Finnmark International Literature Festival, presented the Transborder Café exploring the delicate and sometimes unspoken cultural differences that exist across the Russian-Norwegian border.

  • The Megaphonic Thrift Joins the 2017 Barents Spektakel Music Line-up

    We are excited to announce our music programme for the Barents Spektakel 2017 is expanding with Bergen’s The Megaphonic Thrift joining the line-up for Friday’s double concert at Ofelas Arena.

  • North Norwegian Artist Inge Bremnes Confirmed for the the Barents Spektakel 2017

    We are excited to announce North Norwegian artist Inge Bremnes will perform at the 2017 Barents Spektakel!

  • Artist Duo EEEFFF Visit Kirkenes’ High Tech Industries

    EEEFFF’s artistic practice exists in a world where technology, data privacy and concepts of real and ephemeral communities come together. The Belarusian artist duo, who are now based in Russia, work to destabilise your digital experience in a time when polished GUI*, UX** and IPS*** aim to provide a sense of familiarity and security.

  • Outi Pieski and Jenni Laiti, Collaborative Research in the Borderlands

    Pikene på Broen was pleased to host Outi Pieski and Jenni Laiti as part of our BAR International artist in residency program while they undertook research for future collaborative projects. The artists, who during the summer of 2016 collaborated for the first time, each bring unique aesthetics approaches to the contemporary art and culture of Sapmi.…

  • #ErrorSpa Pops Up in Kirkenes’ Pedestrian Mall

    Ernie and JTT worked late into the night transforming an empty store on Kirkenes’ pedestrian mall into their pop-up hair salon, #ErrorSpa. For two days, the salon operated with impunity from the authorities offering art school haircuts which are more than the law allows.