Transborder Café in cooperation with the Barents Secretariat

Tuning in on the neighbor. The role of journalism and information in CBC

Chair: Emma Jarratt, journalist (Canada)

Anastasia Yakonyuk, RIA Novosti (Russia)
Thomas Nilsen, Editor of BarentsObserver (Norway)
Andrej Matisak, newspaper Pravda (Slovakia)
Alexenia Dimitrova, newspaper 24 Hours (Bulgaria)
Tatyana Lebedeva, NAM (Ukraine)

Cultural contribution by Trygve Beddari and Anne Margaret Nilsen (music) and the Gaza based photojournalist and filmmaker Mohamed Jabaly who tells cross-borderstories on life in the Middle East.

Transborder Café is an informal club-concept, involving open discussions related to current political and cultural issues with contributions by artists, musicians, writers, politicians and researchers. This Transborder Cafe is held as part of the 5th Forum for Cross-Border Cooperation in a Wider Europe.

The event is organized by Barents Secretariat in cooperation with Pikene på Broen.


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