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  • Glafira Severyanova and Dmitry Novitsky, Survival Instructions

    The Murmansk based artists, Glafira Severyanova and Dmitry Novitsky, are in Kirkenes at Pikene på Broen’s residency program, BAR International.

  • Transborder Café in cooperation with the Barents Secretariat

    Cultural contribution by Trygve Beddari and Anne Margaret Nilsen (music) and the Gaza based photojournalist and filmmaker Mohamed Jabaly who tells cross-borderstories on life in the Middle East.

  • Alexander Florensky – A Journey from Murmansk to Kirkenes (Book Launch)

    Pikene på Broen presents a brand new book project A Journey from Murmansk to Kirkenes with Alexander Florensky, one of the headliners in Russia’s contemporary art scene. He started his artistic career in the 1980s in St Petersburg as a painter and book illustrator. In the 1990s he was a member of the Mitki underground…

  • Transborder Café at Ritz – The common ground of freedom?

    On 25 October, both Russian and Norwegian Foreign Ministers and the Royal House of Norway come to Kirkenes to mark the liberation of Finnmark from German occupation. The day before, Pikene på Broen arrange a Transborder Café devoted to the question of freedom.

  • Ivan Galuzing in Kirkenes

    Northern Norway Art Museum and Murmansk Artmuseum are cooperating on creating an exhibition to travel in the Barents region.

  • Beate Rathmayr – Curator in residence at BAR International

    With the support of the Austrian Embassy, Oslo, Beate joined Pikene på Broen for an introduction to the Barents region through Pikene på Broen’s residency program, BAR International. The aim of Beate’s stay is getting to know the area, exchanging information, possible future project planning between the culture entities she works for, Kunstraum Goethestrasse and Künstlervereinigung Merz, and those of the Barents region. During her Kirkenes stay Beate visited different cultural…