The Nomadic Library of Tanya Busse and Joar Nango

_MG_9988The nomadic library of Joar Nango and Tanya Busse brings together the informal publications and texts created in the Barents Region.  Through books, dissertations, zines, pamphlets and other publications the artists explore underground publishing initiatives that exist outside mainstream culture and institutions.  The artists are “fascinated by how printed matter has been used politically to mobilize larger social transformations and also the power it still has to create communities.”

Joar and Tanya travelled to Arkhangelsk as part of a BAR International and AiR Barents artist in residency collaboration program.  The journey was a continuation on the artist’s previous research into self-published works and they met with journalists, academics and historians who provided perspectives on different self-publishing practices.  This research has been covering Samiztad – dissident publications and distribution of government-banned literature in the former Soviet North, journals and fanzines from the Sami Indigenous rights movement and 1970´s psychedelic counter-culture magazines, amongst others.

“Tanya Busse and Joar Nango’s body of work is grounded in a sculptural practice and is driven by experimentation with raw materials and their relationship to form and place. Through a type of “domestic research”, they have developed an aesthetic and spatial language around their interests, ranging from d.i.y culture and utopian social theory, to architecture and actions in public space. Their projects emphasize a tender engagement with the city, and their interdisciplinary approach often involves material local to the installation site and context.”

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