Strings, Trains and Local Football with Audio Artist Nadya Gorokhova

Nadya Gorokhova’s art practice involves sound and video works which act as explorations into acoustic environments.  Based in Saint Petersburg, Nadya uses the everyday sounds to create immersive audio environments which are then overlaid with her own inputs from electronic and traditional instruments.  This overlaying is Nadya’s response to the audio inputs that she hears and the result is a distinctive soundtrack to everyday life.

During her BAR International residency stay with Pikene på Broen, Nadya explored the local sounds of Kirkenes, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.  In Kirkens Nadya melded the sounds from her own cello with the unique hustle and bustle of local football matches and the non-descript chatter inside a local supermarket.  During the journey from Murmansk to Archangelsk Nadya recorded the rhythmic clatter of the train and the conversations which whiled away the hours around her.

Nadya will produce a sound and video installation for the Barents Spektakel 2017 which takes place between the 8th and 12th of February.

Listen to Nadya’s previous projects on her Tumblr page

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