Outi Pieski and Jenni Laiti, Collaborative Research in the Borderlands

Pikene på Broen was pleased to host Outi Pieski and Jenni Laiti as part of our BAR International artist in residency program while they undertook research for future collaborative projects.

The artists, who during the summer of 2016 collaborated for the first time, each bring unique aesthetics approaches to the contemporary art and culture of Sapmi.  Their first collaboration project was entitled Forewalkers and appeared as part of  Art Ii Biennial – Poetics of Material, the work addressed issues of Sami culture and the right of self-determination.

Jenni and Outi will use their first collaboration experience as a springboard for a future project produced in cooperation with Pikene på Broen.  Through the residency, the artists undertook research into our local borderlands of Sør-Varanger and produced conceptual ideas that will generate new artwork.  Pikene på Broen provided inputs for this research and helped the artists understand the concepts and ideas that give our borderlands their own unique identity.

During the residency, the artists also held a public presentation at the Sør-Varanger bibliotek, here they presented their individual artistic practices along with video documentation from Art Ii Biennial – Poetics of Material.

See the video documentation from the biennial on YouTube.

This BAR International residency was co-funded by KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre.


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