Marius Moldvær at BAR International – Woven Artwork and Northern Climates

Norwegian visual artist Marius Moldvær travelled with Pikene på Broen and BAR International through the Norwegian borderlands and into north-west Russia as he conducts research and field experiments for his upcoming project for the Barents Spektakel 2017.  Marius works across a range of mediums – from text, photography and illustration to tactile textile artworks and installations.  Marius comes to the north to explore the cultural and climatic conditions that shape how people in the north interact and are affected by the environment.

Moldvaer’s studio practice and works are conducted at the intersections between nature and culture, where they become an interpretation of landscape; how it appears as a physical body, how it is shaped by human interaction, and finally, how it is constructed culturally and mentally.

The artwork that Marius is developing for the Barents Spektakel includes hand woven pieces made from a variety or raw leathers.  The pieces have been hung throughout the north where they will be exposed to the specific conditions of each location  and reflect the environmental conditions through a slow weathering process of the raw materials.  During his residency stay, Marius hung three artworks; one at the exposed and windswept fishing village of Teriberka on the Russian Barents Sea coast, one near the centre of Kirkenes and one in the industrial city of Murmansk.  Marius plans to create more pieces with materials collected during the residency; in Murmansk, Marius collected Russian textiles and while in Nikel and Zapolyarny, he collected natural materials such as roots and soil from the urban environments.  The artworks which are to be created will be hung in different locations throughout the north over the coming months.

See more of Marius’ work at his website.

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