Ivan Galuzing in Kirkenes

galuzin and baby bearNorthern Norway Art Museum and Murmansk Artmuseum are cooperating on creating an exhibition to travel in the Barents region: Murmansk, Kirkenes, Hammerfest and Tromsø, as well as Blaker, near Oslo. Timeframe is from 2015 till 2016. Ivan Galuzin as curator for the exhibition has visited Kirkenes and Pikene på Broen in order to conduct research and meet people from the region.

The title of the exhibition is The Withdrawal of the Red Army and evolves around a collection of Russian soldier drawings made on the Litsa front during WW2. Approximately 15 artists from Norway and Russia as well as other nationalities, participate with chosen or commissioned works commenting on creative moments and processes which arise during or in spite
of traumatic events.

In Kirkenes Galuzin visited Grenselandmuseet, the tunnel and Rørbua at Bjørnevatn. Meeting with writer and former politician Ernst Sneve and Kåre Tannvik took place, as well as the meeting with elders from a senior home.

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