Industrial Soundscapes with Alexis Destoop

On a warm day in late summer, Belgian photographer and video artist Alexis Destoop visited the mine at Bjornevatn to record audio and footage as he continues research into the landscapes of the Barents region.  In the disused mine, water trickles down the man-made rock face, collecting in ponds at the bottom of the vast pits.  The subtle sounds and movements of the empty mine are what Alexis seeks out for his recordings – the softest sounds and smallest movements being rendered through hyper-sensitive audio equipment and high-definition video.

This is Alexis’ second trip to the north, he has been drawn back to further understand the economy and industry of this place.

“Being on the periphery you start to understand certain processes better, you’re somehow closer to something that is at the heart of the world economy which is affecting each and everyone.  I had a desire to keep working on places that allow me that somehow, so northern Norway is very appealing to me.”

Alexis is working to collect material which he plans to use as in an ongoing project about the the Barents Region. He will return to Kirkenes four more times to further develop the project which will result in a short film.

Explore more of Alexis’ work on his Vimeo page.

Alexis will return to Kirkenes in the Autumn for the next stage of his research.

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