#ErrorSpa Pops Up in Kirkenes’ Pedestrian Mall

_m__4526Ernie and JTT worked late into the night transforming an empty store on Kirkenes’ pedestrian mall into their pop-up hair salon, #ErrorSpa. For two days, the salon operated with impunity from the authorities offering art school haircuts which are more than the law allows.

Atop the euro-pallet reception desk lay a roughly torn strip of cardboard, it served as the booking sheet and was filled with names from top till bottom.  The two-day pop-up was fully booked from morning until long after closing time as Kirkenes locals took advantage of ErrorSpa’s offer of ‘a momentary pause from the brutal conditions of advanced capitalism’.

The pop-up was part of the artists BAR International artist in residency stay with Pikene på Broen. The artist pair used the pop-up as research into the local community and to understand more about our Barents Region, trading haircuts for stories from a local perspective.

As part of the pop-up event, we ask you to share your local stories and knowledge with our visiting artists/stylists so come prepared with plenty of small talk in mind – confessions, stories about your favourite summers and winters in the north and general info about your Barents Region are all graciously accepted. Our visiting stylists/artists, Ernie and JTT will skillfully care for you at their temporary salon and determine the best haircut for you at this time.

The pop-up was as a small scale version of what the artist have planned for the next Barents Spektakel kicking off February 8th, 2017.  Stay tuned for more news.

Error (New York, London, Paris, Tallin). Error was born in Vilnius in June 2009 as part of a Capital of Culture project which deteriorated into a reality television show on Lithuanian National television. Monika Malinauskaite (Lithuania), Justin Tyler Tate (Canada/USA/Estonia) and Ernest Truely (Estonia/USA) were fired from the television show and went to Tallinn, Estonia to continue their activities at Culture Factory Polymer. Error creates site specific, functional installation art, assemblage and traditional objects of art.

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