Erika Fatland’s Journey from North Korea to Grense Jakobslev (and Pikene på Broen in between)


Norwegian author and social anthropologist Erika Fatland visited Pikene på Broen for an office lunch as she continues her journey following the Russian border from North Korea to the Norwegian coastline at Grense Jakobslev. Her eight month, 20,000km journey has taken her through Russia’s Asian neighbours, ex-soviet republics and eastern bloc nations by car, train and boat. For the final stage of the voyage, Erika has been travelling the 196km Norwegian-Russian border by kayak and on foot. Erika has been guided through the Norwegian borderlands by retired border inspector and current Pikene på Broen border secretary, Frode Berg.

To mark the occasion of Erika’s visit our in-house soup expert (and curator), Masha, prepared a Central Asian inspired ‘Stans’ soup.

Erika is the author of Foreldrekrigen (2009), Englebyen – Fortellinger fra Beslan (2011), Året uten sommer (2012) and Sovjetistan (2014).

As Erika’s journey comes to an end all that is left is to write – her upcoming book will be released in Autumn 2017 and we are looking forward to hearing the highlights from the journey at a Transborder Cafe in the future.

Read more about Erika’s book Sovjetistan on VG (in Norwegian).

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