Ice Station Zebra – Emily Newman

_M__3699Emily Newman continues her research into the cold war history of the north during her socond artist in residecny journey with Pikene på Broen and BAR International.

The project Ice Station Zebra “is an ongoing project which involves children across geographical, political and historical borders in creative play on the topic of the Cold War”.

During her residency stays, Emily has toured both sides of the Russian/Norwegian border – meeting cultural leaders, potential collaboration partners and visiting historic and relevant sites such as Kola Superdeep and the heavily patrolled borderlands of Grense Jakobselv.

The project research will continue throughout the winter and the final production is due in 2017.

Read more about Ice Station Zebra at the project website and keep up to date with the latest on the project Facebook page.

Ice Station Zebra, directed by Emily Newman, is an anti-Cold War project, designed to encourage children situated on different sides of a historical intrigue to play together, using the language of American pulp fiction, to laugh at and neutralize the historic conflict’s lasting effects and ongoing implications. The film, Ice Station Zebra, made in 1968, takes place on the ice cap and plays out one of the period’s greatest apocalyptic fantasies–a close call, hair’s breadth aversion of nuclear annihilation. Searching for a film capsule, which was fumbled and dropped in the Arctic by a clumsy satellite, good guys and bad guys trudge shoulder to shoulder though rising action, denouement and climax.

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