Beate Rathmayr – Curator in residence at BAR International

With the support of the Austrian Embassy, Oslo, Beate joined Pikene på Broen for an introduction to the Barents region through Pikene på Broen’s residency program, BAR International. The aim of Beate’s stay is getting to know the area, exchanging information, possible future project planning between the culture entities she works for, Kunstraum Goethestrasse and Künstlervereinigung Merz, and those of the Barents region.

During her Kirkenes stay Beate visited different cultural institutions: the Savio museum, the Borderland museum, etc. In Tromsø she met local artists. In Murmansk she got a glimpse of the cultural scene through studio visits, galleries and meetings.

Beate also took part in the OCA Pop-up in Kirkenes, in collaboration with Office for Contemporary Art Norway, OCA, where she spoke about her experiences related to her stay in Northern Norway.

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