Arctic Hysteria in Teriberka and Mortensnes

Norwegian artists Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen visited Pikene på Broen as part of ongoing research into the project Arctic Hysteria for the curator collective and independent gallery space, Locus. Their BAR International residency with Pikene på Broen took the artists from the windswept fishing village of Teriberka on the Russian Barents Sea coast to the mystical Tranestein stone in Mortensnes on the shores of the Varanger Fjord. The residency was also timed to coincide with the summer solstice, a time when the midnight sun of the polar day is at its peak and a time when the artists were able to refer to the unique and distinctive spirit of the arctic in their research for the upcoming exhibitions.

The Arctic Hysteria project examines the polar north and the mystical and sometimes difficult relationship that people have with the region.

“When arriving at this place the understanding of the world can tilt.
The light is different, whether it is during the dark winter or the bright summer. The contrasts are clearer, the air rougher, the space between life and death is nearer.
Through history the explorers, most often men, has descended on a foreign land and interpret it from their standpoint. Among these interpretations was the condition of Arctic Hysteria.
The term originated from explorers that went to Greenland and found something they interpreted as a medical condition only prevalent in the north, hence the name of the diagnosis became Arctic Hysteria.
Now however this condition may say more of the explorers themselves, and their view of the people they met, than of the affected people.
In this exhibition we explore various ways of relating to the Arctic North, and look upon interpretations of how the world see this area of the planet.”

Find out more about the Arctic Hysteria project by visiting the project page on the Locus website.

Tranestein stone in Mortensnes

The fishing village of Teriberka

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