Wind powered street organ in Kirkenes

Pavilion Park by Rica Arctic Hotel
July 7, Thursday and July 8, Friday
10:30 – 12:30
15:00 – 17:00
July 9, Saturday
11:00 – 15:00

The «Wind powered street organ» is an experimental sound project by Tulle Ruthchallenging new-old techniques.

How does it work?

A windmill delivers electricity to this «perpetual» motion machine. The street organ plays as the wind blows. A small drill is installed underneath the street organ and makes the turn wheel spin and the music play. A sail is placed in front of the street organ and works as the conductor and controls the speed of the music. The stronger wind is, the faster music is. No wind means silence.

The music is printed as holes in a very long paper roll, the music book, and runs within a modified loop system, which is a construction made above and under the street organ. This system enables the music to play forever without having to rewind the music book by hand.

Ruben S. Gjertsen is the composer and has dedicated the piece «Mountain Music» to the project. With a 50 meters long music book it is impossible to play in its entirety. Therefore the music book has been divided into tree movements and each movement will play for one hour in a loop.

The «Wind powered street organ» presentation in Kirkenes is a part of the big Northern Cap’s tour: after Kirkenes the organ will travel to Karasjok, Tromsø, Berlevåg, and Kabelvåg.

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