Transborder Cafe travels to Nikel

The Woodhouse Café in Nikel was packed on Friday as we presented our Transborder Café discussing ‘The Sustainabilty of Public Art in Industrial Towns’. Our first ever Transbrder Café in Nikel was part of the The Russian Norwegian Days of Cross Border Cooperation and was well attended by conference guests, city officials and people from the local communities of Nikel and Zaployarny.

The panelists for the discussion each offered a unique perspective and expertise in relation to the topic; Øystein Rø from Oslo is a Partner at the architectural firm Transborder Studios, Mariya Mikhailenko from Murmansk is an award winning visual artist, Aleksander Molodstov is the Deputy head of administration on economy and finance for the Pechenga District and Morgen Ip is a PhD Fellow at The Oslo School of Architecture and co-creator of the MyBarents project.

Our moderator, Zhanna Guzenko from FridayMilk in Murmansk, kept the discussion on track and engaged the audience early in the exchange with relevant questions about the perceptions of public art and the hopes that people living in industrial towns have toward new public art projects. The audience engaged throughout the discussion and, together with our panellists, navigated a range of topics such as cross border collaboration and future funding for projects which can build links between industrial towns.

Presentations by Morgan Ip and Mariya Mikhailenko made up our artistic input and our musical performance was an impromptu collaboration from the talented Murmansk duo of Timur Mizinov and Svetlana Matveeva alongside the unique and energetic beatboxer, ‘NinjaBoxer’ from Zapolyarny.

Find audio of the live music performance here.

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