Tranborder Кухня – Pikene på Broen and FridayMilk’s Discussion Forum Collaboration

In the framework of Murmansk Business week, Fridaymilk and Pikene på Broen collaberated for the first «Transborder Кухня (Kitchen)». The concept for the collaboration comes form both organizations successful public panel discussion and interview/talk-show platforms. The subject of discussion at the first Transborder Кухня was ‘The Sustainability of Public Art in the Barents Region’ with Sabina Chagina acting as moderator.

Over three periods of discussion, with intermission enriched by music performances by Ekaterina Efremova, Timur Mizinov and Prince Champagne from Petrozavodsk, the participants discussed independent, bottom-up initiatives that make a city more attractive by artistic interventions – the street artist ‘Make’ presented two of his projects whilst administration lead steps were presented by Alexander Boyanzhu, Deputy Director of Oktyabrsky administrative district of Murmansk.

Different forms of Art in Public Space, such as mural painting, graffiti, Lock-ons, street installations, yarn bombing, and sculptures were mentioned. All over Europe and in general it is interesting to see that the handling time for administrative decisions takes much longer than the resolution to eliminate unauthorized interventions. Morgan Ip presented a tool how citizens can suggest steps to make their city safer, more attractive and to point out faults of city planning. Maria Troshina, an experienced curator of architecture festivals, expressed her view on Murmansk which was supplemented by Veronika Vologzhannikova`s view as a local artist. Andreas Hoffmann pointed out that art in public space is aiming to facilitate a dialogue about certain issues of local importance in comparison with decorative art which is a monologue and works as make-up which covers problems but doesn`t broach them at all. Oleg Khadartsev presented the UnCapitals Tour project that involves locals in public art projects.

The Transborder Кухня was well visited by experts and interested persons from Murmansk, Kirovsk and Apatity that all contributed to a fruitful discussion.

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