The Traavik.Info and Barents Spektakel «The Trial of the Century» Wins the Norwegian Critics’ Association Prize for Theatre.

The Norwegian Critics’ Association has awarded the Traavik.Info and Barents Spektakel project «The Trial of the Century» the 2017 Critics Prize for Theatre. The announcement came at the official press conference held on 28th September at Litteraturhuset in Oslo.

A section of the winning announcement reads;

“The strength of the Trial of the Century was that it transformed a significant and relevant political conflict into a form that addressed the individual’s responsibility, while succeeding in communicating the issue in a clear and immediate way. The Trial of the Century is a theatre project that sets its own agenda for one of the most burning questions of the day. The project used artistic means, such as an amphitheatre, in an innovative way that gives reason to believe that it will be one of the most important reference works in recent political Norwegian performing arts.”

«The Trial of the Century», with national and international media coverage during the 2017 Barents Spektakel, gave the people of Kirkenes a platform to have their voices heard regarding what is perhaps the most fateful choice of our time: between economy and ecology, prosperity and environment. The three-day trial, directed by Morten Traavik, took place in the 190-tonne ice arena designed by artists Peder Istad and constructed with the assistance of ice engineers Marius Engan Johansen and Fabian Probul, along with cooperation partners from Taibola Festival from Russia; Ilia Kuzubov, Aleksei Maklakov, Nikolai Terentev and Daniil Vlasov.

Read about the results of the trial at

As expert witnesses for the prosecution and the defence, the Public Tribunal has summoned, amongst others:  Kari Elisabeth KaskiMimir KristjansssonRune Rafaelsen Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, Bjørn SamsetNiillas Aslaksen SombyTerje SøviknesStine ØstnorTerje TraavikIngrid SkjoldværJan Martin NordbottenOle-Gunnar Rasmussen, and Luba Kuzovnikova.

Prosecutor: Hans Petter Graver, jurist lawyer and professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.
Defence: Morten Grønvigh, senior lawyer specialised in offshore/maritime industry.

Produced by Traavik.Info and Pikene på Broen

Concept and director: Morten Traavik

Ice architecture and design: Peder Istad

Assistant director and research: Ragnhild Freng Dale

Producer and research: Guro Vrålstad

Sound design: Jørgen Træen

Music: The Megaphonic Thrift+ and Inge Bremnes

Animation design: Komposter

Costume and props: Lena Thorsmæhlum

Venue cleansing ritual: Ronald Kvernmo

Assistant ice engineers: Marius Engan Johansen, Fabian Probul, Taibola (Ilia Kuzubov, Aleksei Maklakov, Nikolai Terentev, Daniil Vlasov)

Machines and equipment: Svein Karisari, Bygg & Maskintjenester AS, Knut Jakola Transport AS, AS Oscar Sundquist

Graphic design: Valnoir

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