The Migration Project

The Migration Project

   In March 2002, the “In Natura – Barentstriennale Exhibition” opened at Nordnorsk Kunstnersentrum in Svolvær, as the first Barentstriennale. The company “Pikene på Broen” accepted the baton on behalf of Sør-Varanger Municipality to arrange the next Barentstriennale. Sør-Varanger Municipality was initiating a project to establish a new art and culture institution with an international and Barents profile. The goal is that the instituion can be the arranger of Barentstriennales and similar projects. This work still continues.

   In connection with the 10-year anniversary of the Barents Region, we wanted to create an art project to celebrate the event – a project that included all the countries in the region. A touring exhibition and meeting points arrangement, available for a large audience. Thaks to the previous work and experiences of Pikene på Broen, the experiences and contacts from the “In Natura” project, the help and positive feedback from artists unions and art institutions and a lot of working hours put in by our collaborating partners, we formulated the ideas and are now happy to realise the project.

   “Migration” is a Multilateral Interreg Kolarctic Project initiated by Pikene på Broen and Sør-Varanger Municipality, Norway. The project team consists of Britta Marakatt Labba (the project Saami Fine Arts at Ájtte Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum, Jokkmokk), Eva Gun Jensen (konstens Hus , Luleå) Sarianne Soikkonen (Kemi Art Museum, Finland) Inger Blix Kvammen and Hilde-Merete Methi (Pikene på Broen). The project collaborates with various institutions and organizations.

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