Nordic Collaboration Investigating the Dynamics of Home and Workplaces in the North

This week Pikene på Broen hosted the international artist group, The Future of Work Network.

Their BAR International artist-in-residence journey with Pikene på Broen took the group through the Murmansk Oblast before returning to Kirkenes. The group is recording footage and conducting interviews as part of their research into the lifestyle and working habits of people in the north. They met local people in the industrial settings and work places – workers and managers at the Separation plant and Kimek shipyard in Kirkenes, cafeterias in Nikel, journalist/ program anchor in Murmansk, director of the East Sami Museum in Neiden, among others.

During the trip, the group also visited the pre-celebration of Victory Day at the Valley of Honour in Litsa, between Titovka and Murmansk.

The Future of Work Network is;

William Rawlings (DK)

Li Xiaofei (CN)

Per Hüttner (SE)

Lise Yuen (NO)

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