The Finnmark Diaries

377595_474069129325211_1431140682_nSince 2008 the German artist duo SpringerParker has spent almost two years in total in Finnmark and driven more than 25000 km between Berlin and North Norway in their camping car. In 2008 they started their ongoing project MEMORIA NORWAY, an artistic exploration into climate change, the people and landscapes of Finnmark. At Barents Spektakel 2011 SpringerParker presented their contemporary dance opera THERE ARE PLACES IN OUR HEADS ONE CAN TRAVEL TO. Those who have seen the longest ever documentary “Hurtigruten – Minute by Minute” will remember their INSOMNIA that accompanied the arrival of Hurtigruta in Kirkenes.

SpringerParker returned for Barents Spektakel 2013 and presented the successor to their opera, a new production THE FINNMARK DIARIES. The outdoors show featured a set of brand new compositions accompanied by light and video projections. SpringerParker was joined on the stage by exceptional Russian dancers Vladimir Dorokhin and Vladimir Varnava, choreographed by Varnava. SpringerParker have translated their encounters, feelings and memories into musical compositions, bearing names of the places: Nordkinn, Stabbursdalen, Trollholmsund, Karasjok, Kjøllefjord, Vardø, Kirkenes.

«Our explorations brought us to remote locations and lead us deeper and deeper into a world of its own. Our stories are told by the windy mountains, colourful skies and snow-swept roads.»

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