T.I.T.S. performance group – WHITE DEATH

The artists from T.I.T.S. performance group (Fredrikstad) was back to Kirkenes and our artist-in-residency BAR International this March, and spent three weeks on researching for and developing their new pilot project WHITE DEATH. 

WHITE DEATH is spinning around Simo Häyhä – “a hunter, a hero, mass murderer, a survivor” – a Finnish sniper from the Winter War. During the residency in the Sør-Varanger area, T.I.T.S. searched for visual inspiration in the wast winter landscape. They investigated how body and mind reacts to cold environment and snow in order to understand better what Simo Häyhä could have experienced during the Winter War.

As a work-in-progress result of their research and residency after three weeks in Kirkenes, T.I.T.S. presented an outdoor video concert outside of our project and exhibition space Terminal B. 

Pilot project was supported by Kulturrådet – Forprosjekt scenekunst / Arts Council Norway. 

T.I.T.S. performance group was earlier in our residency with “CULT OF BUSY” project in 2018. Apart from WHITE DEATH project, T.I.T.S.´artists are working on a site-specific version of their TUMOR project for Kirkenes. According to the plan, T.I.T.S. are to be back to Kirkenes for a research and production residency in 2022. 

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