Russian performance art in Madrid

Sex_suprematism__1_Luba is in Madrid, curating the program of the Russian performance art at the Art Center «La Casa Encendida». It takes place in November 24-26, and is arranged as a parallell program within the exhibition Red Cavalry: Creation and Power in Soviet Russia between 1917 and 1945.

The performance program presents three Russian artists – the Blue Noses group,Olga Kisseleva and Elena Kovylina, who have developed their distinctive performance styles for the last decade.
All the three performances comment the exhibition «The Red Cavalry» in their own way. They refer to the historic events and issues of Russia and Soviet Union and actualize them in the present moment involving the spectators in the performance process, correlating with the current political situation.
«25 video-performances about the Russian Revolution» by the Blue Noses render the revolutionary spirit in their playful style.
Elena Kovylina invites the audience to meditate over the scars of the GULAG period during her performance «The Star».
Olga Kisseleva re-enacts the «Power Struggle» by creating a battlefield with threeanti-virus computer programs and inviting the public to bet on their favourite one.

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