Rethinking the Barents Sea with BAR International

Rethinking the Barents Sea exposes a medium that connects the Norwegian and Russian territories of the Barents Region without pointing out any visual borders.

Under the auspice of Sergey Terentiev, a group of 10 artists and musicians from Northern Norway and Karelia spend one week at the only accessible village on the Russian Barents Sea coastline (Teriberka) and one week at a lighthouse in Sør-Varanger (Bøkfjordfyret).  The artists’ are tasked with creating a book about the Barents Sea – with the book acting as a metaphor for collected emotions, memories, stories and reflections.

The result of the project will refer to artistic processes that actively attempt to see art as a thinking process and pose the question – how do we deal with a border which is not visible, not touchable but existing on maps?

Project participants are; Sergey Terentev, Sonya Tervinskaya, Tonya Yufa, Eugenia Lebedeva, Natalia Loginova, Vemund Thoe, Hjørdis Kurås, Alexander Pedersen, “Love Cult’ (Anna Kutc & Ivan Afanasev).

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