Knut Åsdam at BAR International

aasdam_-murmanskweb---nyWe are back from a research trip to Murmansk with the video artist Knut Åsdam (Oslo), photographer Martin Testar (London) and producer Leif Magne Tangen (Leipzig).

We studied the main streets of Murmansk, as well as off-streets, visited various Murmansk apartments and met old and new friends who helped Knut Åsdam to understand the city exteriors, private interiors and Kola landscapes – as these will be a part of his future film that he is making in the borderland-in-transition between Murmansk and Kirkenes in about a year.

After the artists spent a day in Nikel, they concluded their residency in Kirkenes by visiting the mines, the shipyard and paying tribute to the border at Grense Jakobselv.

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