“Games of Barents Minds” in Bjørnevatn School

Blue_noses_2Pikene på Broen have lended the art work «Games of Barents Minds» by the artist group Blue Noses to Bjørnevatn Primary School, to be exhibited in the schools´ gymnasium. Cecile Hansen, the mayor of Sør-Varanger municipality will open the installation with the «first throw», on November 16th, Wednesday at 10.30.

The interactive installation «Games of Barents Minds» was created by artist groupBlue Noses (Moscow) for the exhibition Pan-Barentz in 2008.
The artists invite people in the Barents to be active and solve problems with a smile. Basketball baskets attached to two meters tall portraits of famous personalities from the Barents region have a symbolic significance: you do not have to be a genius or a famous politician to make a difference and to influence the future.

Find more about the installation here.

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