The Final Stages of Renovation at Pikene på Broen’s New Space

The final stages of renovation at Pikene på Broen’s new exhibition and workshop space are now underway.  The delicate work of finishing touches and final details has now taken over from the construction phase of the previous months.

This week, artist Ina Otzko visited Kirkenes to take part in the final stages of transforming the two disused retail stores in Kirkenes’ pedestrian street.  Ina is working in collaboration with Pikene på Broen to design and create the neon sign that will permanently hang on the façade of the new space.  In bright neon text, the name Terminal B will illuminate the pedestrian street – inviting the public in to explore the new space.

The concept of Terminal B is to create a window; for artists looking into Barents, and for art produced in Barents to be visible to the world.  At the same time, B stands for Barents but also for plan B finding alternative solutions to existing conventions.

Ina has previously exhibited as part of the Barents Spektakel 2011, see her installation NEWS on the 2011 website.

Special thanks to our building partner, Kirkenes Byggservice AS.

Koro – BW
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