Border Dialogues

Border Dialogues – The Barents Art Triennial, is an international art project, which aims to mediate and explore questions and responses, experiences and feelings, related to the conceptions of borders.
The project is organised in different steps with activities, such as exhibitions, community projects, texts, talks, travels, workshops and events/festivals, held in different places throughout the period of mid 2005 to mid 2006.

At the heart of the project is movement and the encounters between people. The border town Kirkenes is the point of departure. The previous experiences and activities of the project initiators, Pikene på Broen, (Kirkenes), and of the project partners are the references, when embarking on this journey. We are in particular intereted in contemporary art in relation to our local societies and to the Barents region, with all the diversity and complexities it holds.

Kirkenes is located northeast of Norway on the border to Finland and Russia, in the Barents Region. The Barents Region includes the northernmost counties of Sweden, Finland and Norway and Northwest of Russia. Within this region it is a huge amount of structures, languages and cultures.

The project aims to bring to light knowledge about borders and boundaries, with international art as a sourse, to people in the Barents region. At the same time, the project also aims to connect the particular context of the Barents region and its aritists to other places and contexts outside of the region.



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