Barents Spektakel is Norway´s most border-crossing festival!

The Barents Spektakel is an annual event that builds cultural bridges across real and imaginary borderlines. The five-day festival is as a cultural-political cocktail with contemporary art and music, theatre and performance, literature and architecture and seminars and debates as its ingredients – all spiced with current issues related to the Barents Region and the High North in general. The festival first started in 2004 and each February explodes to life as the long polar night comes to an end.

The festival first started in 2004 and in February 2017 will transform Kirkenes into a Barents Metropolis for the 13th time.

Barents Spektakel 2017 – The Industrial Boomerang
Barents Spektakel 2016 – Rethinking Location
Barents Spektakel 2015 – Arctic Take Away
Barents Spektakel 2013 – Ticking Barents
Barents Spektakel 2012 – Dare to Share
Barents Spektakel 2011 – Mind the Map!
Barents Spektakel 2010 – Arctic Calling
Barents Spektakel 2009 – Borders – Control or Rock-n-Roll?
Barents Spektakel 2008 – Border-Crossing Exercises
Barents Spektakel 2007 – Hot Arctic
Barents Spektakel 2006 – Border-Crossing Cooperation and Culture-Trafficing. Artist as a researcher
Barents Spektakel 2005 – Indigenous People, National States and Borders
Barents Spektakel 2004 – Culture and Business. Creative Industries.

Stay tuned for the 13th Barents Spektakel which kicks off on the 8th of February 2017!!

If you would like to become a volunteer at the festival send us a message and we will get in touch closer to the festival time, we are are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with the festival and represent the Pikene team.  To read more about the artists we are currently working with for the next Barents Spektakel check out our residency program or keep up do date with the Barents Spektakel projects, news and preparations below.

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