Visionary Arctic 2012

Visionary Arctic 2012


February 10, Friday
10.00 – 16.00
Thon Hotel

Wooden_skyscraper_1Visionary Arctic 2012 explores the intersecting themes of the challenges of food security, transnational industrial waste management, territorial delimitations, and the future of Northernscapes and communities in order to interrogate the sustainability, or not, of land and marine use in the Circumpolar Arctic.
Language: English.

Based on the local raw ingredients Eirik Sevaldsen and Øyvind Lofthus (Åpent Bakeri from Oslo) will develop thematic PIZZAs specially for the seminar, thus commenting on how we use local food resources. Curated by Gjertrud Steinsvåg.

Upon completion of the seminar Visionary Arctic 2012, we have asked a group of writers and researchers – Morten Strøksnes (Oslo), Ilya Utekhin (St Petersburg) and others – to summarize the highlights of the seminar programs and ideas shared by the speakers, and to present a Visionary Arctic statement for a wider public at Transborder Café.
We do not know what kind of statement we will get as a result – it will be a surprise for all of us. As you see from the seminar program, we have invited people with very different backgrounds to address various aspects that will affect the future of the Arctic. All the speakers speak their own professional language….
How will the statement group handle this? Will we get a multi-faceted puzzle of ideas and thoughts representing different fields? Or will we get a text that will in a way re-write all the thematic messages in a metaphoric language? Will we get a kind of a Visionary Arctic manifesto? Good luck!


9:30-10:00 Registration.

10:00-10:15  Introduction
• Welcoming by Pikene på Broen and The Barents Institute. Introduction by the moderators Aileen A. Espiritu and Rita Westvik. Rules of the “seminar game”.
• Presentation of the pizza-concept by Eirik Sevaldsen and Øyvind Lofthus (in cooperation with Gjertrud Steinsvåg).

10:15-12:30  Part 1: The future of futures
•  Eirik Newth, futurologist, writer, blogger and astrophysicist, Oslo: “400 ppm or bust: Why climate policy needs a Plan C”.
•  Bjorn Gunnarsson, Managing Director, Centre for High North Logistics, Kirkenes: “The Northern Sea Route – freighters, ice-breakers, Arctic suttles?”
•  Rune Rafaelsen, General Secretary, the Norwegian Barents Secretariat, Kirkenes: ”Kirkenes – Murmansk West: Sharing Infrastructure”.
•  Rita Westvik, media personality, innovation and foresight-expert, Oslo: “FEED (Food and Energy Eco Dynamics): Integrated bioenergy and crop producing systems in context – introducing the AgriPod”.
• Artist group Kultivator, Öland, and cheese-maker Ivar Øverli, Pasvik: ”Cross-CulturalNomadic Cheese”.
Discussion round

12:30-14:30  Part 2: From sea to plate: “the raw and the cooked”
•  Jan H. Sundet, senior researcher, the Institute of Marine Research, Tromsø: “The red king crab – an issue of two faces in future Finnmark”.
•  Svein Ruud, CEO and owner, Troika Seafood, Kirkenes – Oslo: ”From microscopic Bugøynes to the world’s metropoles”
•  Violetta Kugii, deputy director, Russian Salmon, Murmansk: “Development of aquaculture in Russia”.
•  Terje Meyer, acting general manager, Kirkenes Processing, Villa Arctic Group, Kirkenes: “Three things society cannot do without”
•  Konstantin Bogdanov, senior researcher, the Institute of Russian Literature (The Pushkin House), Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg: “Norwegians, Russians, and herring: a cultural geography”.
Discussion round

14:30-16:00  Part 3: Past, present, future – Arctic utopias
•  Elizabeth Tedsen, environmental lawyer, Berlin: “”Offshore Arctic Drilling: Impacts and Assessment of Developments in Alaska and Greenland.””
•  Kristine Pedersen, environmental consultant, PhD-stipendiat, Tromsø: “Industrial Waste Management in the High North: Electrochemical Remediation of Polluted Sediments in the Arctic.”
•  Viktor Vakhshtayn, Sociologist, Head of Sociological Research Centre at the Russian Presidential Academy, Moscow: “Framing the Barents Region from a utopian perspective: territorial delimitations, cultural identities, and transborder background”.
•  Dag Lindebjerg, media personality, journalist, Bergen: “Culture and Industry on the Norwegian coast”
•  Unn-Doris Bæck and Gry Paulgaard, researchers, University of Tromsø: “Rural Futures! Young people in the Barents Region”.
Discussion round

16:00-16:30  Final discussion

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