Amund S. Sveen’s ‘The United States of Barents’ – Redux 2017

Last night, Verdensteatret in Tromsø played host to the Transborder Cafe marking the 10th anniversary of Amund S. Sveen’s performance, the United States of Barents – a performance-lecture and thought-provoking concept that questions the political landscape of the Barents region.

The United States of Barents was first performed during the 2007 Barents Spektakel where it wove its way through the recent history and the bright vision for a new united Barents; combing the fictional and the factual, the comic and the political.

10 years on from the first performance, the United States of Barents is as valid in thought and practice as it ever was; reflecting the aspirations and hopes of an independent northern nation.  With the meteoric rise of the oppression fighting, anti-colonial movement known as the Barents Liberation Army and, in (very) recent times, its political arm, The Northern Assembly, our United States of Barents lives strong in the hearts and minds of the five peoples of the Barents region.

Special thanks to our partners Verdensteatret for their expertise and support.

This Transborder Cafe was part of the 2017 International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art (IKT) Congress that was arranged in Oslo and Tromsø from the 19th to 23rd of May by OCA and OSLO PILOT, together with the Polar Museum, the Northern Norwegian Art Museum and other art institutions in Northern Norway.

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