The End of the Border (of the mind) in Kirkenes

Stefano Cagol has reached the final destination of his symbolic journey through Europe. He will identify and underline borders through a powerful slash of light in Kirkenes on March 20th – 28th:
Wednesday, March 20th, 18:20 – 19:40: Prestefjellet
Thursday, March 21st, 18:20 – 19:40: Plateau by Sepverket
Friday, March 22nd, 18:20 – 20:00: quay by Havna pub
Sunday, March 24th: Bjørnevatn mines
Monday, March 25th, 18.20 – 19.40: Pikevannet/Gapahuken
Tuesday, March 26th: Skogfoss
Wednesday, March 27th: Melkefoss

Pikene på Broen has invited the Italian artist, Stefano Cagol, to participate in the Barents Art Triennale 2013 with his work THE END OF THE BORDER (of the mind). In his van, which includes a power generator and a beacon that draws 15 kilometres long lines of light, Cagol is travelling Casso (March the 5th) – Oslo (March the 12th) – Kirkenes (March the 18th) to identify and underline borders and their fate through a powerful slash of light.
THE END OF THE BORDER (of the mind) opens a variety of readings; from an emotional look at geography, affronting the sedimentation of history, political divisions and disputed lines. In fact, enlightening the end means to declare the death of borders, but still also to travel till the corner of a border still living. Cagol’s journey is symbolical; an inner journey, a psychological process – a mental path to the end of the limits.

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The Barents Art Triennale 2013, OPEN AIR PLAYGROUND, curated by Pikene på Broen, will deal with issues of art in public spaces in the borderland(s), and besides Cagol’s work include two works: the sauna project, NO MAN’S LAND, by Sami Rintala in Kirkenes (to be completed in summer 2013) and an installation by Lars Ramberg in Murmansk (to be completed in autumn 2013).

Pikene på Broen have earlier cooperated with Stefano Cagol on his project EVOKE PROVOKE (the border), that was first shown under the Barents Spektakel 2011 festival exhibition MIND THE MAP and then at Cagol´s solo show CONCILIO, a collateral event of the 54th International Art Exhibition la Biennale de Venezia.

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