Pikene på Broen Project Partnership INTRANSIT with the Goethe Institut

78d438e2-1ddd-4c57-abed-07b479b4cffcPikene på Broen is proud to announce that we are now a project partner for the INTRANSIT urban development and place-making initiative arranged by the Goethe Institut.

The project deals with a range of projects, all with strong social impacts relevant to specific societies in the northern European region.

The initiative focuses on grass-roots projects and cultural organisations who enact positive change in their communities. 

In the third week of October, representatives from the Goethe Institut visited Kirkenes for the first in a series of meetings about our border region.  Following visits to the area solidified impressions and provided content to be discussed during the final meeting in Erfurt Germany in April 2016.

You can read more about the initiative at the Goethe Institut website.

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