Pikene på Broen’s project Kunststi i grenserom / Art path in the borderland supported by KORO (Public Art Norway)

Pikene på Broen is proud to be named amongst the latest funding recipients of KORO’s Art Scheme for Outdoor Public Spaces initiative (URO).  The project funding is for Pikene på Broen’s project Kunststi i grenserom / Art path in the borderland.

The funding will go toward Pikene på Broen’s pilot project aiming to make outdoor installation artwork a permanent presence in Kirkenes and surroundings.  During the pilot project, Pikene på Broen will explore converting existing artworks we have produced with artists into permanent installations in public spaces around the community – as well as continuing production of works that are in development.

The project will work in cooperation with Sør-Varanger municipality and also create possibilities for cross-border collaboration with partners in Nikel.

pictured: News – Ina Otzko (2011 Barents Spektakel)

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