Digital seminar: Solastalgia – Environmental emotions and artistic practice in response to landscape transformations

“The homesickness you have when you’re still at home”, is how the philosopher Glenn Albrecht describes the feeling of observing our local environment change in disturbing ways, introducing the term Solastalgia. How can the term serve as a starting point to discuss the balance between facts and feelings in our reflections and actions on our changing landscapes, climate and environment?

The artist group Solastalgia explores the term through site specific artistic practices. In their ongoing exhibition Solstalgia 4.0: Forsøksfelt (Experimental site) at Terminal B in Kirkenes, the group takes a closer look at the human-touched landscapes in Sør-Varanger and East-Finnmark through material processing, photography, text, video and installations.

This digital seminar unfolds the term Solastalgia by introducing artistic, philosophical and field work approaches connected to the theme. The seminar is open to everyone, consists of shorter presentations, conversations and will also open for questions and comments from the audience.

Date and time: 22.05.24, 12.00 – 14.00
Link to digital seminar here
The seminar will be held in English



12.00: Introduction
– The exhibition “Solastalgia 4.0: Forsøksfelt”, by curator Astrid Fadnes, Pikene på Broen
– “Solastalgia”, introduction of the artist group and the term, by artist Andrea Grundt Johns

12.20: “Finnmark as an eldorado”, performance lecture by artist Skade Henriksen

12.40:  “Schaannings egg”: Between 1899 and 1917, ornithologist Hans T. L. Schaanning collected bird eggs in Pasvikdalen. Today, extensive birdlife documentation continues. What clues about climate and environmental changes are hidden within the shape and colors of an egg? Artist talk by Sidsel Bonde

13.00: Intro and screening of video work “The queen crab”, by artist Christine Hansen.
The film presents a story from the perspective of the female kingcrab, based on research by the artist. In the poetic narrative of the piece, we learn, among other things, how the Queen Crab senses the world, the significance of the male crab when she molts, and her relationship with the sea

13.30-14.00: “Animal Ethics and solastalgia”: A meeting between artistic and philosophical practices through a conversation with philosopher Hannah Winther about solastalgic feelings, bioethics and the possibility of saving wild salmon through genome editing


– The artist group Solastalgia consists of Sidsel Bonde, Ann Edvartsen Hay, Åsne Eldøy, Christine Hansen, Skade Henriksen & Andrea Grundt Johns
– Hannah Winther works as a postdoctoral researcher in philosophy at NTNU. She works on the ethics of genome editing animals, bioethics, and ethics after Wittgenstein
– Pikene på Broen is a group of curators and producers based in Kirkenes, running the gallery space Terminal B, a residency programme and the art festival Barents Spektakel


The seminar is hosted by Pikene på Broen and Solastalgia artist group

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