Utstilling: Begrenset og Bevissthet

The exhibition is a process-oriented and site-specific collaboration across disciplines. Joint research has led to an interdisciplinary audiovisual dialogue between large-scale drawing, images, objects, and sound. Some of the earliest traces of humans are drawings, and the way we see and experience the world is shaped by evolution. In the preparations for this exhibition, the artists have investigated rock art from prehistoric times in Gamnes and Alta and carried out fieldwork in the region. The site is examined in relation to history and the present, with an interest in ongoing processes of change, the environment and ecology.

Ingeborg Annie Lindahl is a interdisciplinary artist. In her work field trips and personal experience materialize into large scale temporary chalk-drawings and installations. She explores different variants of the landscape through drawing, both as a research medium, as petroglyphs and vandalism and its position in art history. Chalk associates with geology, biology and epistemology. It is simultaneously permanent and durational, fragile and dwindling, and manifests changes in how knowledge emerges and the constant transformation of nature, often affected by humans

Trond Lossius explores relationships between sound, place, and space through field recordings, audio-visual installations, and collaborative projects. His work often focuses on suburban sound environments. Lossius also develops open-source software for spatial audio and real-time media to support his projects, and his research on sound and music computing has been published in international conferences and journals. He holds a PhD in artistic research from the Academy of Fine Art, Bergen National Academy of the Arts

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