Barents Spektakel: Exhibition at Lokstallen

We’re back with the first exhibition announcements – the multi-faceted exhibition at the abandoned ‘Lokstallen’ in Kirkenes!

The first artwork, by Janna Thöle-Juul, explores the Pasvik valley; a special ecosystem in the Barents region. The artist traces a series of personal encounters with trees – presenting a new sculptural artwork along with a series of texts that contemplate notions of movement, intervention, care, roots, violence and tenderness, scars, the invisible realm that lies beneath, and the shared nature that bridges our nearby borders. 

The second project in the framework of the exhibition, Nolanders, by sound artist Sergey Kostyrko and the filmmaker 1999Q, reflects on the possible futures of northern Russian monotowns. It is a complex, long-term project that explores the social, cultural and economic reality of industrial cities through a series of videos, soundscapes and texts.

Sound is at the heart of the third artwork set to be showcased in Lokstallen. Saint-Petersburg artist Nadya Yukhnovets features soundscapes from the Transsiberian railway – where the audience can hear what is hard to imagine in the age of Corona restrictions: approximately 60 people travelling side by side in one compartment talking, hugging, coughing and sleeping in close proximity for seven days in a row.

We’re coming back with more project announcements next week, stay safe and stay tuned! 

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