Barents Score

bryter_-webOn June 3rd, when the Prime Ministers meet in Kirkenes to discuss the future of the Barents Region, we invite you to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Barents Cooperation – with an extended performance: BARENTS SCORE.

Where? The Pavilion park behind Rica Arctic Hotel, 18.00.

Free entrance (first come – first served).

Welcoming by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

The master of balalaika, Alexey Arkhipovsky from Moscow, performs together with Russian fist fighters from Apatity.

The cello-virtuoso, Svante Henryson from Stockholm plays Norwegian, Swedish and Sami tunes, accompanied by the competing halling-dancers from Northern Norway and a Sami lasso thrower.

One of the world’s most experimental accordion players, Kimmo Pohjonen from Helsinki, will judge the match between the wrestlers from the national team of Finland, Norwegian wrestlers from Kirkenes and Russian wrestlers from Murmansk. Historically, wrestling has been the most popular border-crossing sport that has contributed to collaboration across the borders between Norway, Russia and Finland since the Soviet times!

The North is definitely happening; maritime border agreement between Norway and Russia, opening of the Northeast passage, new transportation routes, oil and gas exploration in the Barents Sea, visa-free zone, climate changes, increase in fishing activities, etc.

The music-show BARENTS SCORE features a symbolic fight at the Arctic battlefield. Do we fight to win or do we seek rules that benefit us all?


Alexey Arkhipovsky (balalaika)
Igor Sozonov, Anton Mikhailov,
Stanislav Vasilev, Alexander Moskalenko (fist fighters)
Nina Gasteva and Mikhail Ivanov (choreographers)

Svante Henryson (cello)
Håvard Lund (bass clarinet, musical director)
Anders Eriksson (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Marius Haltli (trumpet)
Nils Jansen (sopranino saxophone, bass saxophone)
Hans Petter Vabog (percussion)
Per Mathisen (bass)
Sigurd Johan Heide (dancer, choreographer)
Bjørnar Heimdal (dancer)
Mikkel Isak Eira (lasso thrower)

Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion, voice)
Rami Ahonen, Kosti Kerve, Marius Tjelde, Christian Sende Hansen, Ramazan Ramazanov and Aleksander Usoltsev (wrestlers)
Ari Numminen (choreographer)
Tuomas Norvio (sound design)

Light and sound: Lydteamet
Production: Pikene på Broen

Pikene på Broen would like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Total, DnB, Barents Secretariat, Sydvaranger Gruve, Fiskebeck, Fargerike, Nor Lines, Kirkenes Næringshage, Rica Arctic Hotel, Datakortet, Finnmarken, Tschudi Kirkenes AS, Dagfinn Hansens trykkeri and Sør-Varanger avis for cooperation!

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