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  • A Border Musical – Chto Delat

    Tanja fra Nikel møter Ola fra Finnmark og flytter til Kirkenes med hennes sønn for å starte et nytt liv – “til Norge der alle er lykkelige”, og snart lærer hun hva som skal til for å kunne “tre inn i familien av plettfrie borgere”.

  • Northern Drift – Alexis Destoop

    If you missed “Northern Drift” by Alexis Destoop at Barents Spektakel 2020, here is your unique chance to watch it at home. If you have already experienced the film, this is your opportunity to revisit and re-imagine the borderland between Russia and Norway once again.

  • Polar Shanghai – Olga Jitlina

    Russian, English subtitles 27:41 2019 EnglishNorskРусскийEnglish Olga Jitlina's "Polar Shanghai" is a reflection on one of Murmansk's lesser-known stories. From the founding of the city in 1916, right up until the second world war, Chinese immigrants made up the second-largest diaspora after the Tatars -- living and working in the district that became locally known…
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