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  • New airport to Kirkenes

    In the project «Arctic Cargo» that Ilya Mukosey is developing for Barents Spektakel 2012, the artist in a way refers to the Melanesian «cargo cults»: after the WWII the natives in Melanesia used to build mock airstrips and airports, real size, believing that airplanes would come and bring them CARGO – boxes full of miraculous western goods, which would make life better.

  • Space Calendar Project

    Last week Jan Gunnar Skjeldsøy and Christian Hummelsund Voie left Kirkenes after three weeks stay in the Bar International Residency Program. During that time we had been to Russia, staying at the coast of the Kola Penninsula, followed by two weeks in Kirkenes. The time in Kirkenes was spent on outlining the further development of the Space Calendar Project. The Idea of the project is to confront our society with a building, which…

  • Chto delat?/ What is to be done?

    Dmitri Vilensky and Olga Egorova from Chto delat? (an artists’ collective from St. Petersburg combining political theory, art and activism) is on the way to Kirkenes.

  • Memoria Norway

    The artist duo SpringerParker from Berlin presents their new audiovisual performance ”Memoria Norway”.
    It is an expedition into an Arctic landscape.

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