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  • Five photographers digging into Barents

    Cecilie Haaland (NO), Maria Gradin (SE), Marusya Baturina (RU), Nadia Degtyareva (RU) and Nick Degtyarev (RU) are up for busy days of Barents research, sightseeing, meet and greet and – in the true spirit of Pikene på Broen – border crossing during their residency.

  • Glafira Severyanova and Dmitry Novitsky, Survival Instructions

    The Murmansk based artists, Glafira Severyanova and Dmitry Novitsky, are in Kirkenes at Pikene på Broen’s residency program, BAR International.

  • Alexander Florensky – A Journey from Murmansk to Kirkenes (Book Launch)

    Pikene på Broen presents a brand new book project A Journey from Murmansk to Kirkenes with Alexander Florensky, one of the headliners in Russia’s contemporary art scene. He started his artistic career in the 1980s in St Petersburg as a painter and book illustrator. In the 1990s he was a member of the Mitki underground…

  • Ivan Galuzing in Kirkenes

    Northern Norway Art Museum and Murmansk Artmuseum are cooperating on creating an exhibition to travel in the Barents region.

  • Beate Rathmayr – Curator in residence at BAR International

    With the support of the Austrian Embassy, Oslo, Beate joined Pikene på Broen for an introduction to the Barents region through Pikene på Broen’s residency program, BAR International. The aim of Beate’s stay is getting to know the area, exchanging information, possible future project planning between the culture entities she works for, Kunstraum Goethestrasse and Künstlervereinigung Merz, and those of the Barents region. During her Kirkenes stay Beate visited different cultural…

  • Border Musical

    Ola from Finnmark meets Tanja from Kola. They fall in love, Tanja abandons her past and moves with her son to her new husband. Through joys and challenges of their mixed marriage we get a glimpse into today’s Russia-Norwegian borderland across cultural and social norms and values.

  • The Finnmark Diaries

    Since 2008 the German artist duo SpringerParker has spent almost two years in total in Finnmark and driven more than 25000 km between Berlin and North Norway in their camping car. In 2008 they started their ongoing project MEMORIA NORWAY, an artistic exploration into climate change, the people and landscapes of Finnmark. At Barents Spektakel…

  • Ticking Barents by Reconstruction of Utopia, Wach auf! and Spolokhi

    With the opening concert we re-visit the great times of avantgarde ideas, high expectations and dreams for a better future. This production is a collaboration between the projects Reconstruction of Utopia by Peter Aidu and Moscow School of Dramatic Art, Wach auf! by Poing and MajaRatkje from Oslo, and ensemble Spolokhi from Arkhangelsk. The first part of the performance reconstructs sound experiments and post-revolutionary music utopias of the 1920-30s of the Soviet Russia- from noiserhythmusic by Arseny Avraamov to the weird…

  • The End of the Border (of the mind) in Kirkenes

    Pikene på Broen has invited the Italian artist, Stefano Cagol, to participate in the Barents Art Triennale 2013 with his work THE END OF THE BORDER (of the mind).

  • Becoming Seed

    Since 2008 the French duo, Magali & Cédric, has been on several artistic expeditions in the Arctic, and were inspired by the Arctic landscape and environmental matters, indigenous language and culture. When MagalI &Cédric visited Svalbard, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault and the intention of preserving a wide variety of plant seeds in an underground cavern fascinated them. However, they never entered the vault. Something was to be left for the…

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