05 December 2014, Kirkenes

We’re delighted to open our new Barents Spektakel webpage!

15 November 2014, Kirkenes

How to survive in the Norwegian-Russian border zone?

06 November 2014, Kirkenes

Tuning in on the neighbor. The role of journalism and information in CBC. Thursday 6th of Nov at Ritz, Kirkenes, starting at 21.00. Participants: Anastasia Yakonyuk – RIA Novosti (Russia), Thomas Nilsen – Editor of BarentsObserver (Norway), Andrej Matisak – newspaper Pravda (Slovakia), Alexenia Dimitrova – newspaper 24 Hours (Bulgaria) and Tatyana Lebedeva – NAM (Ukraine). Chair: Emma Jarratt, journalist (Canada). Cultural contribution: Trygve Beddari and Anne Margaret Nilsen (music) and the Gaza based photojournalist and filmmaker Mohamed Jabaly (film screening).

24 October 2014, Kirkenes

The common ground of freedom? Friday 24th of Oct, 20.00-23.00. With: Parag Khanna (IN/US), Kirill Kobrin (RU), Anders Sunna (SE), Kjartan Fløgstad (NO) and Katya García-Antón (UK/ES). Moderator: Rita Westvik. Music: Alexander Skliar (RU), Thomas Gostischa (GE) and Trygve Beddari with Band (NO).
Book launch: Alexander Florensky (RU).

24 October 2014, Kirkenes

The Russian artist Alexander Florensky launches his book during the Transborder Café at Ritz in Kirkenes, Friday 24th of October. The book is an artistic diary with drawings and texts from the journey from Murmansk to Kirkenes.

23 October 2014, Kirkenes

Anders Sunna and Michiel Brouwer at BAR International.

15 October 2014, Kirkenes

Doing research for The Withdrawal of the Red Army.

07 October 2014, Kirkenes, Tromsø and Murmansk

The Austrian artist and curator Beate Rathmayr has been in Kirkenes, Tromsø and Murmansk the last few days to meet artists and cultural workers from Northern-Norway and Northwest Russia.

21 September 2014, Kirkenes

Pikene på Broen are pleased to invite you to a Pop-Up meeting in collaboration with Office for Contemporary Art Norway, OCA, Thursday the 2nd of October, 19.00, at Ofelas in Kirkenes.

10 September 2014, Kirkenes

Cuban and Russian curators taking part in discussion panel and residency program.

08 September 2014, Kirkenes & Nikel

The Norwegian photographer Rune Johansen is at BAR International.

07 September 2014, Kirkenes

Synnøve Persen, Jenny-Marie Johnsen, Anne Berit Anti and Roger Ludvigsen ready for workshopping in Kirkenes.

06 September 2014, Kirkenes

Sense and nonsense of activism in art, Saturday 6st of Sept, 19.00. With: Synnøve Persen, Andrei Erofeev, Elisabeth Haarr, Bo Krister Wallström, José Fernandez Portal. Music: Roger Ludvigsen, Text: Trine Falch, Poetry: Synnøve Persen.

04 September 2014, Oslo

Border Musical by Chto Delat premiered at Barents Spektakel 2013 and is now shown at Kunsthall Oslo’s Soft City, a three day programme of performances, concerts and screenings around the city of Oslo.

27 August 2014, Kirkenes & Nikel

Tanya Busse, Gunnar Kopperud and Kirill Kobrin at BAR International.

25 August 2014, Kirkenes and Vestre Jakobselv

Searching for a bacterial starter culture.
Eva Bakkeslett taking up where she left in mid December 2013.

21 August 2014, Kirkenes

Ekaterina Sharova is in office.

20 August 2014, Kirkenes

Are you interested in creative writing and between 13 and 18 years old?

16 August 2014, Kirkenes & Nikel

The Bergen based artist visits the Norwegian-Russian border region.

10 July 2014, Kirkenes

A photo workshop for youth at Basen.

04 July 2014, Kirkenes

Pikene på Broen has invited three photographers for residencies in July:
Francois Zvardon, Igor Bryakilev and Hege Annestad Nilsen.

03 June 2014, Kirkenes

Ingrid Valan returned to Kirkenes to work at Pikene på Broen.

31 May 2014, Murmansk

The Russian artist draws his journey.

20 May 2014, Bergen

Morten Traavik’s BORDERLINES is installed.

08 May 2014, Kirkenes

The Australian photographer, Michael Miller, is presenting photo works from his time in the North.

05 May 2014, Kirkenes

The Norwegian artist Morten Traavik’s installation BORDERLINES travels westward.

02 April 2014, Kirkenes

Remember the French artist duo Magali&Cédric from Barents Spektakel 2013?

25 March 2014, Kirkenes

The Australian photographer is back.

13 March 2014, Kirkenes

Does the Barents region have its own sound?

18 February 2014, Kirkenes - Murmansk

Phil Wood, writer, researcher and activist, and Jeremy Davis, producer and Director of UK based Roots Music, are in Kirkenes and Murmansk as a part of Pikene på Broen’s residency program, Bar International. They are visiting the borderland to get a glimpse into the music community of Kirkenes and Murmansk for a project named Industrial Folk.

14 February 2014, Murmansk and Kirkenes

Phil Wood, writer, researcher and activist, are inviting to public lecture in Murmansk, the 15th of February, and in Kirkenes, the 17th of February.

22 January 2014, Kirkenes

Pikene på Broen has employed Andreas Hoffmann in the temporary one-year position as artistic director. He took office the first of January and had a frosty welcome in Kirkenes Monday when the temperature dropped to nearly minus 30 degrees Celsius.